Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BATMAN AND ROBIN for a very special little man

So my Brother and my nephew birthday just passed and His mom wanted to do up his room in a Batman, Spiderman and Superman themed room. With a new bunk bed and giant images of the three superheroes on the wall she found these awesome giant stickers of Bruce Timm's version of Batman and Superman. She asked me to paint the walls but with the show comming up and me leaving for Banff I could make it in time soI felt I wanted to add to his decoram so I drew his two favorite characters Batman and Robin in a Brue Timm Style. so here they are chec em out and tell me what you think? Enjoy

Calgary Comic Convention

Update #2: So two days of madness from the VICIOUS AMBITIOUS table we had a new book to sell ROCKET JUICE and I am proud to say that I made it into that book with a 10 page story. I was doing zombie sketches again this year and I had some repeat fans from last year and some new one's this year. I was so busy that I didn't get a chance to nosh on some food until I got to SUSHI with the Luu Clan and man did we feast. Then The next day we had sold so many books that we had to go back To Vinces place for more books. On the way to Vinces place, you won't believe this, but we were stopped by a military parade. I shit you not! I have pictures to prove this. we got back and I had people already asking foe me to do zombie sketches of them. I was extremely surprised to find that a charity drawing I did last year of HELLBOY sold for charity as one of the most sold items. I was blown away by this and when Steve came around to ask me to do another one for another charity book and told me that my fans demanded it I couldn't say NO! So I finally got to his book after a full two days of slinging the undead around for the patrons of the con. I also got to meet Sean CHEEKS Galloway and bought his book he is a designer and creator of the look of the new Spectacular Spiderman.He is well known for his awesome drawings on shaneglines.com and the drawingboard. In passing I meet Edward James Olmos from The New Battlestar Galactica, wow that man is a broad dude. I thought he was small but no he looked like he could kick some ass. I think ,NO I know that next year I am taking a break, because I was so busy I missed the whole show. I heard there were all kinds of KRAZY I missed out so Next year sorry everyone this boy needs a break sos I can buy some shit and eat. Here are some pics I was able to bang off with my camera after it died. This happened after the first and only shot of someone posing. Then I had to use my phone's camera, Thank God I had that!! OK Enjoy!


So I said I had two updates and I do. Update, numero Uno I was in Banff for a fantastic weekend well thursday to sunday. I stayed yet again at the Banff arts center and attended the Art of Visual Storytelling brought to you from Digital Alberta. This workshop is so awesome. I get to learn from industry professionals from all over the globe. This Year we had Dean Yeagle, This man has created the honey nut cheerios Bee, animated the cookie crisp commercials, Kool Aid and the list goes on. He is also well known for his work on the comics in PLAYBOY magazine and his newest creation MANDY. Then we Have John Hoffman who I have to thank for looking over my Portfolio and telling me whats good and what to change. His seminar was very informative and I learned lots coming from a man who has worked with some of the greats like Don Bluth. He showed us some storyboards from something he has worked on and asked us what we the crowd would change to cut down on time but not on story.Oh ya and he's a local boy gone off to do amazing things in the USA. Steve Rabatich my former instructor from New Media Campus in Calgary and he still had me glued to the screen with his seminar the opening and first couple of scenes from TARZAN the meaning behind all the visuals and why they were chosen. It almost put me to tears "you did it again Steve you did it again". Rich McKain 3-D animator Pixar, Ice Age, Ice Age 2 and Horton Hears a Who. He also is a local boy. Unfortunately Jason Strong of Dreamworks couldn't make it, I was a little disappointed since I just got his binder filled with such awesome drawings that I really wanted to ask him some questions about his thought process in creating such unique characters. But all in all I had such a blast with some of my old classmates, and made me proud to see them up there infront of the crowd to show there hard work as a group to show VILLIANVILLE a collaboration project that I wish I could have been part of. The got to tell their thought process from concept to full production. WAY TO GO GUYS !!!
so here are some of the pics I took from this awesome workshop I highly suggest if you want to know more about story telling and be able to meet some new people and old people go, go to this without hesitation.