Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Final Film Scene

Hey, so I thought I would put some more Animation on my blog to show my progress of my final film. Here is Bill my Star of the film Starting to Rock out just playing around and trying a few things couple small tweeks and I think it is done. Enjoy!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Hidden GEM !!.... Found !!!?

OK I thought I lost this one in the big crash of 2008 hahahahaha sorry couldn't help myself, so here is another assignment we did for lip sync and rough animation. I really want to dothis one in flash and complete it with a back ground and his cousin he is yelling at. See if you can tell what the line is from? and please comment on these. Enjoy

some rough Glen Keane style Animation WIP

We did an assignment for class using a line from BeetleJuice the movie and here is my rough animation for that line. I will complete this in flash for a nice complete piece. ENJOY !!

I have some movement to Show

So here is just a test to see if my video would upload and what the quality was like, so here it is mama bird scared !!!!!!!