Thursday, August 11, 2011


So I was told about this Evil Crime being committed right now in the comic world by a nefarious Man known as Rob Granito. Allegedly (Legal Purposes) he is swiping all ranges of artists, animators and photographers artwork and tracing it and claiming it his work. This makes me so MAD when I hear shit like this. I t makes me proud to know that I do my own style of work.This also makes me want to take the prints I did that was inspired by BATMAN TAS and JLA out of my portfolio I did use the animation style but drew it from my own head and no copying or tracing.I mean if your gonna study someone Else's work go ahead trace the lines, copy it in a sketch book, that never sees the light of day, or if it does see the light of day when some one asks did you draw for (insert companies here) Don't lie and claim it yours. Especially some VERY WELL know artists.Any who well there is my Rant and I would suggest to all my Artist com-padres to look this guy up and to all you tracers (no not inkers HAHAHHA) 
            STOP this bullshit you will get caught and there is no Honor in this, no proper pride!

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