Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dean Update almost 5 Months and growing like MAD I SAY MAD MWAhahahahahahah!

Dean Gervais 5 Months ( well almost? )

Pure Spec Madness!!!!!!!!! In Edmachuck

So Me, Nick and Fiona all hopped in my truck for a" three hour tour.... a three hour tour" to Edmonton for a small convention called Pure Spec. The Guys went last year and it looked like fun. Low and behold I am an idiot and I mistaken the Pop Culture Festival for this one. I was pleasantly surprised and It was a great trip.I got time to draw some zombie sketches that were long overdue, learn some awesome comic coloring skills in photoshop and Saw some hilarious sketch competitions all thanks to Jay from Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton. I took a couple of good shots of the show,dance and the competition. A video is being worked on but no deadline for this yet.