Thursday, October 16, 2008

And The Waiter !

You can't have a Tea Room Restaurant without a cheesy waiter to hit on all the ladies, and trick them into marring their Money!! HA HA HA ah ha ha he he ...... OK so I am cheesy too with some of my comments.... anyhoo. Here he is, The Waiter... Bob ?

The Rich Mom

OK so I don't have enough space for all the roughs I did for This one. Here she is inspired from the Al Hirschfeld syle of drawing and S curves all around.

A Long Time Comming

SO I recently did some art tests for a company and came up with some great characters in the process. I really enjoyed the progression of the Characters. Thanks To Steve R, my former instructor and his Rule of Design, beaten into my head.I ended up with
a fantastic result I give you the Russian Tea Room Gang! first is the Bratty Rich Kid