Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies,Jay and Silent Bob is in the Hizouse!!

So I thought I would make it a process for me to improve my skills of drawing women . I will try to draw a hot girl from my daily Babe on face book and post it for everyone's enjoyment.SO here it is Day 2 hottie of the day sketch.


DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Hooray Updates!

I figured you would after we razzed you last night at Drink & Draw. I'll give you this as advise you didn't ask for.
I would much rather view a blog that updates often with cool sketchy stuff, than a blog that takes months to update with one single finished piece.
An active blog is a healthy blog :D
Your girls are getting better. Id shirnk the eyes of the most recent one though. Good improvement though. Glad you tossed in some cleavage. A little goes a long way.

OldBoy said...

Thanks Dan I appreciate the Crit as I love it. Keep up the abuse Friends hahahahah!

Johnny said...

I see the progression in your work buddy, I see you get better and better everytime I see you draw. Keep it up man! Though I'm not too keen on the eyes...