Sunday, April 26, 2009

Too LONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Hey Everybody, where did MARY go, where did Steve go, and wheres my last pencil. Please think for me I can't bear too. I'll just lye her for awhile" .... whoa where did I go to I just took STP and replaced it with my name. Don't worry kiddies I have 2 major updates coming some new drawings and I shall be commencing with a new challenge maybe even 2. Hard to do what I love when I have 10, 1/2 month old. OK off to the Comic Con for day 2 and more ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!! I will try and post the pics I did at the con. So check back and see the undead goodness.

"ALright now WHAT !!!!!!!!!" (insert awesome guitar rif)

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