Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A new Begining

Hello and Welcome to the very first post of Steve Gervais' Blog . It is a new year, a new leaf, a fresh start, and a clean slate so I thought I would start a blog. I hope you will come back as I will post daily doodles and some art challenges for your enjoyment. So sit back and watch as I amaze you and shock you with a little taste of my work . Hahahahahahah What Dork I am.


Jennifer Pollack said...

Nice to see you set one up! I cant wait to see you posting every day ;) I will try as well lets see how far we get!

Vicious Ambitious said...

Yes!!! Another blog to amuse me throughout the work day! Good luck, Steve. Looking forward to having my mind blown wiiiiide open!

And get your lips off my boyfriend!